Authors Guide

Pakistan Entomologist is published biannually by the Pakistan Entomological Society with head office at Department of Agri. Entomology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Two issues of the journal constitute one volume.

  • The research articles submitted for publication should be original research in pure and applied entomological sciences and other related areas provided they have not been published or being considered simultaneously for publication elsewhere. For publication, membership of the Society is compulsory for one of the authors.
  • Follow a general "FORMAT of the articles" i.e. TITLE, AUTHOR(S) NAME(S) with ADDRESS(ES), ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION (including review of literature), MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION and LITERATURE CITED.
  • The manuscript should be typed in double-spacing on one side of the page. One ORIGINAL and two PHOTOSTAT copies should be submitted to Editor-in-Chief, Pakistan Entomologist, Department of Agri. Entomology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Electronic computer floppy on "MS Word" should also be sent alongwith the manuscript.
  • The TITLE of the paper should be brief and relevant, encompassing the essentials of the article, followed by the name(s) of the author(s) along with present address(es).
  • ABSTRACT should describe briefly the work done and the conclusion, not exceeding 150 words.
  • INTRODUCTION should be concise and to the point explaining effectively the purpose of the study.
  • REVIEW OF LITERATURE should be treated along with introduction and must provide well "in target" information relating to specific objectives of the study. Use the name, date format i.e. Hashmi (1976), Ahmad (1981), Hashmi and Akbar (1984), etc. in chronological order. Unpublished references should not be included.
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS should describe clearly the materials used, methods, the experimental design followed and procedure employed for data analysis.
  • RESULTS AND DISCUSSION should be combined under one section. The data must be presented in Tables or graphs, however, the Tables should be as few as possible. Repetition of the same results in different forms should be avoided. Discussion must be developed logically in a proper sequence and relating to previous findings.
  • LITERATURE CITED: List all source material cited in the manuscript in ALPHABETICAL order by authors. Journals should be abbreviated according to the latest edition of "World List of Periodicals". The format of references cited should be as follows: Qayyoom, M.A., S. Mehar and A. Parvez, 1994. Some aspects of using variational features as a factor of phylogenies in Coccoidea. Pak. Entomol., 16(1): 85-93.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, if any, should precede the references cited.
  • FIGURES AND TABLES should be referenced with Arabic numerals in the order in which they appear in the text. The captions for figures/photographs should be typed on a separate page and attached with the figures/photographs.
  • ILLUSTRATIONS should be ORIGINAL and FINAL in every respect and after reduction should not exceed 6.5"×8".
  • PHOTOGRAPHS should be glossy Black & White or coloured of sharp contrast. For colour photographs, cost of colour printing will be born by the author.


Printing charges for a manuscript upto 5 pages will be Rs.5000/-. Bank Draft of printing charges, in the name of the "Pakistan Entomological Society" should be sent alongwith the Manuscript. In case of cross cheque an additional amount of Rs.200/- as Bank Charges should be added.


Manuscript not written in prescribed format and or not accompanied by the printing charges or otherwise found unfit for publication will be discarded and Pakistan Entomological Society will not be responsible for its return to the author.