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Vol. 38 Issue. 1 (2016)

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Chemical Control of Date Palm Tree Borers, Oryctes Species (Coleoptera: Scrabaidae: Dynastinae)

Authors: Mohammed Z. Khalaf and Hussain F. Alrubeai
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Field evaluation of new insecticides against Cotton Thrips (Thrips Tabacilind.) In District Multan

Authors: Tauseef Khan Babar , Haider Karar , Muhammad Hasnain , Muhammad Arshad , Abrar Ahmad , Amjad Ali and Muhammad Akram
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The Host Plant Susceptibility Indices and Varietal Preference of Jassid (Amrasca Bigutulla Bigutulla Ishida) on Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.) In Punjab Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ashfaq, Mazhar Hussain Ranjha, Asim Gulzar, Shahbaz Ahmad and Amna Ali
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Impact of Male Densityand Food Sources on the Progeny Development of Cotton Mealybug, Phenacoccus Solenopsis (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)

Authors: Muhammad Jalal Arif, Muhammad Dildar Gogi, Ahmad Nawaz, Muhammad Sufian and Amjad Majeed Pasha
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A New Species of Cohicaleyrodes Bink-Moenen (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) from Pakistan

Authors: Muhammad Tayyib, Muhammad Mukhtar, Muhammad Jawwad Yousuf and Shazia
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Effect Of Insecticides on Susceptibility and Esterase activity of Spodoptera Litura (Noctuidae:Lepidoptera)

Authors: Sana Barkat, Asim Gulzar, Muhammad Tariq, Muhammad Javaid Asad, Raja Tahir Mahmood, Asad Ali and Kaleem Tariq
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Comparative Evaluation of Different Application Rates and Times of Furadan (Carbofuran) 3% G in Sugarcane Crop for Managing Borers attack and yield Enhancement

Authors: Muhammad Amir Bashir Malik, Sarwar Rahi, Muhammad Afzal and Munir Ahmed
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Hemiptera Fauna of Haripur District, Pakistan

Authors: Naveed Ahmed and Ghulam Ali Bajwa
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Relative effectiveness of Different Insecticides against Pea Leaf Miner (Phytomyzahorticola Goureau) on Peaunder Field Conditions

Authors: Muhammad Naeem, Rashad Rasul Khan, Sohail Ahmed, Muhammad Arshad, Shahid Majeed, Muhammad Sufyan and Amer Rasol
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Toxicity and repellence of plant oils against tribolium castaneum (herbst), Rhyzoperthadominica (f.) and Trogodermagranarium (e.)

Authors: Muhammad Asrar, Naila Ashraf, Muhammad Dildar Gogi, Syed Makhdoom Hussain, Khuram Zia and Bilal Rasool
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Effect of different Mating Exposure Timings on the Reproductive Parameters of Papaya Mealybug, Paracoccus Marginatus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae)

Authors: Asim Munwar, Muhammad Ishaque Mastoi, Arfan Ahmed Gilal, Anjum Shehzad, Abdul Rauf Bhatti and Ahmed Zia
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